Tollstream is here to allow people to decide what their video streams are worth. In many cases the mega corporations pay streamers, pod-casters, local stars and entertainers little to nothing for their content. An entertainer must make these corporations thousands of dollars before receiving any sort of compensation. Music venues and anybody hosting an event can stream their event as well.

It is’s objective to put the power back into the viewer and entertainer/streamer’s hands. In many cases, private streams may be profitable for you and entertaining or educational for your viewers. Tollstream offers tutorials to view or host RTMP(live video streams) servers. All of the streaming software is open source. As it turns out, we even have a section on how to turn an android device into an RTMP server for usage with

We offer eCommerce services and only request a fee of less than ten percent to start. The more streams you sell through the month the less percentage we take (The viewer pays for the broadcast information and the server calculates the fee for this information exchange and eCommerce automation. This means that the broadcaster does not owe for any services from Tollstream – unless they are making money. There are no monthly membership fees.

Tollstream is giving streamers the power in asking for fair compensation for their media. For our viewers, we provide hope that they are entertained by the content they purchase. This site is not about proprietary nonsense. Our back bone will remain open source and any software or tutorials we use will refer to free software. Happy streaming!

Please be patient as site progress is still happening. The system is on its way to being fully operational. Please check out our forums to get started on the rtmp server process. And stay tuned for complete site automation here in the, very , near future!

As site development progresses, please send any donations with comments about questions or interests. Donations will keep us developing and let us know there is a need for this website. Help spread the word!