Added aes encryption for sending client-server information such as public ip and user name to

Added android installation instructions:

Added debian based distribution instructions.

added port forwarding bypass solution using local tunnel. (local tunnel is a free proxy that gives a url to the forwarded port. It allows one to be reachable behind firewalls that port forwarding is not configurable.

Added windows 10 server instructions

Added 2 step authentication.

added donation paypal

added netcat protocol to work with aes encryption for communications from client-server to tollstream server. This is to store the members information in a secure manner on tollstream for ecommerce assitance.

Added github repository at to share all server installation automation and open source package details. A list of all open source packages will be included, shortly, with all the open source licensing information.

Added dynamic openssl stream keys. You now get a 36 character, alphanumeric streamkey every time you spawn a server. This stream key is non replicate-able and is replaced upon restarting tollstream’s server scripts. Best of all, you do not have to keep updating your streamkey in your broadcasting software because the call name_publish as your streamkey in your broadcasting software, automatically, updates your public stream key with your randomly generated, openssl streamkey every time you start a server . No need to ever change your stream key again. Also, you will not have to worry that eavesdroppers are watching your content only your clients and you will know your private and encrypted, dynamically updating stream key . Privacy helps you make money and protect your content. Automation makes life easier.

To Do!

Please be aware that this site is in developmental stages. The automated server scripts are on their way to completion. More operating systems will be supported in the near future and package development is underway.

  1. Ecommerce is not complete. WE are working to integrate the eccommerce portion of with the rtmp server scripts.
  2. We are welcoming suggestions and donations are, severely, needed for site development as this has become a full time job.
  3. The current state of tollstream is based on security measures to make your live video streaming servers a private matter. We are focusing on the security of the platform before all other matters are finished. Please bare with us and keep an eye on It is advised not to install the scripts,as of now, unless you are curious about their abilitites. Automation is still being worked on for many platforms and is based on the linux kernel. The scripts are secure as of now but may have bugs or incompletions. The eccommerce section is not active. User registration is welcome.

4. Testing and integrating nat bypass solutions(Port forwarding proxies) services such as serveo or ngrok(ngrok requires auth keys. Current local tunnel config does not support tcp connections other than http and https: must remove local tunnel as a nat bypass, port forwarding solution to those who are behind, unconfigurable, firewalls or dont have the authorization to port forward. (non network admins or other network configuration restrictions)

5. Writing auto eccommerce scripts for finding client-server information and posting this information in a ,purchasable url. Including the details about when the stream will be available. Also, giving the buyers the ability to rate the content they purchase, motivating streamers to provide better quality streams or be on time. (indicators of streaming availablity-online status. projected streaming start time and end time. )informing customers of the details of the streams they purchase such as the time allowed to access the streamers server information such as ip.

6. Providing ip whitelist abilities to the streamer. This means that a customer that once had the server information can not then access, unpurchased, content.

7. Installation package for ease of use. App development is being disputed as the nature of an app is restricting to major server access such as artificial intelligence scripts or addons. The open source nature of the open source scripts and server operating systems allow this system to be used in, endless, manners. To create apps would restrict the capabilities of Auto scripts are the solution for ease of use. Package compilations such as .deb are in development.

8. Tollsream is priding itself to use all open source tools to provide an easy experience to the user, but allow the tech guru to integrate as many services, software, or scripts as they desire. It is not tollstream’s intent to give this impression that one size fits all, but we will be treating our clients as a neutral knowledge about streaming. Meaning, we will assist people in auto scripting and basic plug and play questions for the new user, while leaving every bit of code open source for the