Use our secure streaming services to monetize directly for:

Private podcasts

Private live concert streams

Private business meetings

Private gaming streams

Private tutoring/teaching streams

Private virtual reality streams

There are endless use cases for Tollstream.

Please join us on our mission to protect the rights of every individual; fighting hostile corporate and government surveillance on the web.

Tollstream is currently in progress developing an app to automate these steps for you. Follow these instructions to make money with Tollstream during the testing phase. Please send any questions and feedback through the link below:

Tollstream allows you to monetize your stream creatively with no up-front costs. Also, you may use Tollstream for free streaming if your stream price is zero.

It is up to you how you decide to market yourself on other social media platforms and how you want to store your media locally. You take full control of your content at no cost to start.

Set the time you will be streaming in your Tollstream profile and advertise it. Use these and other free social media platforms to promote your Tollstream profile and start making money with your videos instantly:

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • LiveMe
  • Periscope
  • Vimeo
  • Kaltura
  • Panopto
  • GoPro
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • Whisper

What you Need to Get Started

This tutorial only needs to be completed one time and it will be automated when you open the app after this initial setup. The ISH app and Termux app become the Tollstream app.

  1. A computer or device to run Tollstream’s software.
  2. A Broadcaster App
  3. A Linux Shell Terminal
  • IOS, Android, PC, MAC, Ubuntu
  • OBS, BroadcastMe, Larix Broadcaster
  • IPhone – Download ISH Shell in Apple Store
  • Android – Download Termux Shell in Playstore
  • Windows- Download Ubuntu 20.04 app

1.) Create a account.

2.) Register and set your price in your profile.

3.) Open your Linux Shell Terminal (ISH, Termux, or Ubuntu)

4.) Go to and register for a free stream token proxy. You will need to paste your stream key during setup of the software.

5.) Copy and paste the lines of code below to download the Tollstream software to centralize your stream to your device:

For more information on how to run the software follow this link to forums:

Detailed Walk-through

1.) Open ISH or Termux Shell App:
  • 2.) Copy & Paste the code related to your device in the terminal.

    After following this tutorial one time, the terminal will always run Tollstream upon re-opening.

    ISH and Termux become the Tollstream app.

    IPhone (Inside ISH Shell App)

    (apk update; apk upgrade 
    apk add git bash openssl screen
    cd /home
    git clone --depth=1 -b Iphone \
     --single-branch \
    cd tollstream-RTMP-server
    chmod +x

    Android (Inside Termux App)

    pkg install proot-distro screen -y
    proot-distro install alpine 
    proot-distro login alpine)
    (cd /home; apk update; apk upgrade
    apk add git bash screen openssl
    git clone --depth=1 -b Alpine --single-branch
    cd tollstream-RTMP-server
    chmod +x

    Your broadcaster app will always remember your stream key unless you change it. Tollstream is completely automated after your first setup.


    Because of IPhone background processing issues, you must always allow your location and allow ISH Shell app permissions. Tollstream never utilizes any GPS data. The reason for these permissions is because IPhone allows GPS permissions in the background. The GPS data is not stored and is nullified. This is only to allow your stream server to run in the background while you are streaming on your broadcasting app of choice (e.g. OBS, BroadcastMe, Larix Broadcaster).

    Tollstream does not have access to your GPS data. Tollstream is not monitoring or tracking you in any way.
    Our goal is to protect your media and your data.
    For more information please refer to these links about IPhone system background processing and/or Tollstream on GitHub:

    Push ‘return’, Tollstream will ask you a few things:

    Press ‘OK’ as seen below:

    Remember to allow location sharing with ISH. Again, This is only a requirement for streaming on the IPhone because of backgrounding capabilities that IPhone does not allow. Tollstream does NOT collect your data.

    When you get to this screen press ‘n’ and then press ‘return’.

    Note: You can also choose to set up port forwarding on your firewall. For ease-of-use follow the instructions as stated.

    Once it finishes loading, enter your username that you created when you registered for Tollstream and press ‘return’ as seen below:

    Go back to to copy your stream key, then paste when the program asks (see below):

    The next screen gives you your streaming server information to start your private and secure stream.

    Do not share any information about your stream with anybody.

    When you sell your stream, the buyer will receive an email with the information to decrypt and view your stream instantly. You will receive your payment instantly after your customer buys your stream.

    Copy and paste your localhost RTMP address into your broadcast app where it asks you for your streaming URL. Below I am using the Larix Broadcaster app.

    1.) Open Larix Broadcast app.

    2.) Go to Settings and click the first selection ‘connections’.

    3.) Your setup will be similar to the image below:

    Finally, go back to the ISH terminal and press ‘return’ and your server will start (as seen below). Then go back to Larix and push the record button.

    When a customer buys your stream they will receive an email with the credentials to view it instantly. Their payment will also go to you instantly after their purchase. Tollstream is a free service if your stream is free.

    The next time you want to sell your stream, you only have to open the ISH app and Tollstream will be running. Once you get to your server page, open Larix and press record to start streaming and selling your media.

    ISH and Termux will work as the Tollstream app when you open it. Happy streaming from now on.