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    Donald BiltonDonald Bilton

    Mac OS comes with a terminal emulator by default. This has the two requirements to install a chrooted install of Tollstream’s open source server shell script.

    You can simply download the shell script that is compatible with UNIX (including mac) at

    Please open your mac terminal. If you do not know how to open your mac terminal, you can find instructions located at

    You will need to navigate to your downloads folder from whatever browser you have installed.
    The default location for safari is in Downloads. You can navigate to that folder inside the terminal with the command:

    cd Downloads

    Please change the permissions of the file, with this command:

    sudo chmod +x
    This simply says you want to be able to execute the script that installs the server from Tollstream.

    Finally, run the script and answer the questionnaire to install the server that is compatible to use with

    sudo bash ./
    You will need to rerun this command everytime you want to relaunch the server. (ex.System restarts etc)

    You can observe all the scripts and source code used for Tollstream at:



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