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    Donald BiltonDonald Bilton

    This tutorial will cover the installation of open source RTMP server on a mac.
    Please note that a virtual machine of linux will be used as all the rest of this site support
    is based off linux, open source. This also leaves your parent operating system, untouched, in the event of an error. I have chosen Ubuntu as the virtual machine as it is easier to use and compatible across many devices. All operating systems are using the same Linux distribution. I will have you install an Ubuntu server, which will be light on resources and straight to the point(This gives you a full fledged RTMP server.Any proprietary or open source broadcasters or scripts can be integrated into such a platform. This type of server covers everyone from, basic, weekend streamer to the professional broadcasters such as Hollywood. The auto install scripts help with the process, so please don’t be frightened of a couple of copy and paste commands.
    All source code for the servers is available at :
    . Tollstream helps with the automation process of installing these servers and also gives you eccommerce solutions. The installation includes your RTMP server information sent, securely, using aes 256 encryption to to be locked away until someone is willing to purchase your media. We will never share your information, except to your clients who have paid for your content, legally.
    #to be continued

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