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    Donald BiltonDonald Bilton

    Iphone has recently got support through open source app called ISH (no jailbreaking required)

    1. Download ISH located at official 🍎 app store:

    IOS ISH alpine linux shell in official IOS app store

    ISH App iphone

    2. After that apk command is added, input these commands to grab tollstream’s auto install script to install the RTMP open source nginx server on the iPhone along with port forwarding bypass solutions such as ngrok. openssl encryption to forward user information, securely, to tollstream for e-commerce assistance. And any other tool required to run an rtmp server on the iPhone, specifically for use with 😀
    Please paste the entire snippet with the included parenthesis

    (apk update; apk upgrade 
    apk add git bash openssl screen
    cd /home
    git clone --depth=1 -b Iphone \
     --single-branch \
    cd tollstream-RTMP-server
    chmod +x

    Please observe the source code from tollstream’s auto install scripts at: provides free(free works well for small scale servers) and paid accounts through Tollstream is not affiliated with Ngrok. We use Ngrok’s reverse proxy to assist people in port forwarding issues. (Behind firewalls they can’t configure,routers or other, non administrative restrictions. )

    4. Please visit if your are behind nat firewalls that you either don’t have the administration rights to configure, the know how, or the patience. You will want to register for free with Ngrok also let’s you monitor your connections and blacklist ips etc and add other ips to your whitelist such as friends. The free version works for 4 connections from the outside world, and there are paid versions that have no restrictions.

    5. After registration, you will enter the authkey into the terminal to register it with the servers automated script. From that point on, ngrok will be the one giving you urls that are accessible from the internet. You will be accessible from the web from that url. The automated install script will list that url that is accessible from the internet. The automated script then takes your url and username of tollstream, encrypts it, and sends it to for e-commerce assistance.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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